Simone Gronchi Design
Future is not designed

Since 1990 the Simone Gronchi design studio is committed to serving the most challenging requests in order to achieve the highest standards in footwear design.

Based in Tuscany, the studio acquired its reputation thanks to both academic studies and acquired skills.

Collaborations and consultancies spontaneously followed, leading the studio to assume a preeminent role as a benchmark for both national and international footwear trends.

The Simone Gronchi design studio can evaluate and develop a proposed concept, following each stage of the process: from prototypes to the entire collection planning.

Passion and competence are the keys to the success of the studio: the constant search for the new is driven by its skilled and untiring team.

Simone Gronchi design supports the creative and industrial processes, structuring and planning all the phases leading to a performing footwear collection.

The first step is always about identifying or enhancing the product’s philosophy in order to define the goals to reach. The evaluation of the manufacturing potential and the applicable technologies follows, together with budgeting. The studio then guides the client in the scouting for competent suppliers, supervising the development of the collection.

A severe quality control will be ready to check all the phases from prototyping to industrial production.

The studio constantly works with a large number of collaborators to satisfy the client’s specific requirements.

Since 1990

“Design, research, development are all managed internally at our Studio and Lab based in Tuscany.”

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The Studio
Simone Gronchi
Head of designer / Founder
Luca Crecchi
Chief technician / Co founder
Giacomo Mecca
Senior designer
Stefano Belvisi
C.A.D. technician / Prototypation
Riccardo Faraoni
Technician / Constructions
Veronique Balaquer
Order developments
Micaela Stanghellini
Front office / Customer care
Riccardo Riccetti
Tech. assistant
Lavinia Nardi
Sampling order developments
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